Lynn FullerAbout Pacific Birds and Joint Ventures

The Wandering Tattler has a wide distribution across the Pacific, including the islands of the Southwest Pacific.

Photo © Fredrik Norrsell

Pacific Birds recently expanded its boundaries to include additional Pacific Islands southwest of the Hawaiian Islands. The Joint Venture now includes Alaska, the western portions of British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and northern California, and the Hawaiian and additional Pacific Islands. It encompasses several avifaunal biomes and a diversity of habitat types such as arctic and alpine tundra, forests, wetlands, prairies, and islands and atolls.

At the same time, our management board established a marine boundary of 200 nautical miles from lands within our jurisdiction. These recent changes better align Pacific Birds boundaries with those of other entities such as Landscape Conservation Cooperatives and Climate Science Centers, and will help foster broader partnerships for bird conservation in the context of anticipated climate change.


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