Lynn FullerAbout Pacific Birds and Joint Ventures

At varying scales, Pacific Birds and NABCI both seek to strengthen connections, promote strategic planning and strong science, encourage land conservation, incorporate human dimensions, and ultimately conserve bird populations.

The North American Bird Conservation Initiative is looking for input.

While Pacific Birds has an extensive regional partnership, it is also an integral part of several broader bird conservation coalitions, including the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI). Through work in the natural and social sciences, NABCI works to ensure the long-term health of North America’s native bird populations.

NABCI is a tri-national conservation initiative. Recently, leaders from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Environment and Climate Change Canada, and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Mexico led an effort to develop a hemispheric vision that looks to increase conservation efforts across the three countries for the upcoming century.  The draft vision is both a potential roadmap and a call for additional input and participation. The NABCI community is interested in hearing your feedback about this vision.

screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-10-18-45-amThe key elements of NABCI’s vision:

  • People value birds and their habitats for their ecological, economic, aesthetic, and spiritual value.
  • Bird conservation aligns with human interests, and our nations work together to support the clean air and water, food, and habitat that birds and people need.
  •  All sectors are committed to conservation, with governments throughout the Western Hemisphere, non-government organizations, the private sector and citizens working together to conserve birds and their habitats.
  • Bird populations and ecosystems are healthy, thanks to cooperative efforts among government, industry, and the public.

These statements align well with the vision and mission of  Pacific Birds and offer a pathway for future bird conservation efforts. NABCI helps to coordinate and catalyze programs that benefit birds across North American flyways. The local and regional efforts of Pacific Birds partners are critical to these programs and help ensure that the hemispheric needs of birds are met.

For more information on NABCI, visit the United States, Canada or Mexico websites.

Photo – Peter Pearsall, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service