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Oaks stretch out over a field of balsamroot in full bloom at Columbia Land Trust’s conserved Four Sisters property located near The Dalles, Oregon.

Photo – Brian Chambers Photography

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Land Trust Alliance developed the Land Trust Bird Conservation Initiative in 2013. As noted in The State of the Birds 2013 Report on Private Lands, about 60% of land in the United States is in private ownership, so private land conservation can make a significant difference for birds. The inititatve brings an additional spotlight on the importance of privately owned conservation lands to birds. It also showcases how including birds can bring additional resources and funding to conservation projects.

The initiative’s Small Grants Program recently gave out the first of its program grants. Among the recipients was Columbia Land Trust, who will use the funds to develop the East Cascades Oaks Partnership. With additional funding from Pacific Birds, the land trust will work to raise awareness and promote conservation actions that will conserve imperiled white oak habitats. These habitats are especially important to neotropical migratory songbirds.

Congratulations to Columbia Land Trust! We look forward to seeing the progress as the conservation actions unfold.

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