OUR VISION: A Pacific Region United for Bird Habitat Conservation

By working together, we will ensure wild birds thrive in abundant and diverse habitats that we all help safeguard for future generations.

OUR MISSION: Creating the Ideal Environment for Bird Habitat Conservation

Our Partnership

Pacific Birds brings numerous interests together to find common ground for conservation and creates networks to advance long-term planning and on-the-ground project delivery. Our partners tell us the Joint Venture benefits them by sharing information, providing technical assistance, offering funding opportunities and connecting them with others. Partners also tell us they want to better understand how local conservation projects contribute to the bigger picture and how they can more effectively prioritize conservation actions for birds.

Our partners need more and better science, planning and mapping; greater collaboration; and more funding. We’re also listening to the birds and their needs. Partners are thinking more about flyways, migration patterns, habitat needs, gaps, threats, and the life cycles of individual species. We need to better connect our conservation efforts across the full range of our region’s birds and their entire life cycles. Pacific Birds wants to help our partners plan and manage local habitats with a full understanding of their regional context. We must also address new challenges in bird conservation, such as climate change and sea-level rise.

The foundation of Pacific Birds’ ongoing success is the long-term participation of its diverse partners and their willingness to collaborate to achieve common conservation goals. We welcome into the Pacific Birds community any group, agency, organization or individual that has or needs expertise, funds or other resources that advance avian conservation.