International Management Board









Red-breasted Nuthatch     Photo – Mick Thompson © Creative Commons

Fern Duvall   (U.S. Co-Chair)
Blair Hammond  
(Canada Co-Chair)
Dan Buffet
David Bradley
Wendy Connally
Karyn Gear
Glenn Lamb
Jasper Lament
Jeff McCreary
Holly Michael
Nancy Newhouse
Nanette Seto
Eric Taylor

Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources
Environment and Climate Change Canada
Ducks Unlimited Canada
Bird Studies Canada
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
State of California Coastal Conservancy­­­­­
Columbia Land Trust
The Nature Trust of British Columbia
Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
Nature Conservancy of Canada
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Region 1
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Region 7