Our Vision, Mission and Partnership








A Pacific Region United for Bird Habitat Conservation

By working together, we will ensure wild birds thrive in abundant and diverse habitats that we all help safeguard for future generations.

Creating the Ideal Environment for Bird Habitat Conservation


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Pacific Birds believes that conservation succeeds when partners work together to achieve common habitat conservation goalsPacific Birds brings people together to find common ground for conservation and works to advance long-term conservation planning and on-the-ground project delivery. Partner surveys have told us that partners especially value our role in  facilitation and communications.

We want your conservation projects to succeed.  Pacific Birds staff works to benefit our partners. We share information about funding and seek out additional opportunities that help partners conserve priority bird habitats. We assist partners with the biological and technical information that makes their grant proposals more successful and we help partners obtain match funds. We are also involved in multiple planning efforts that partners can use to be more strategic in their work.

Pacific Birds supports local habitat work–with the flyways in mind. Pacific Birds is a diverse partnership. Partners conserving land or restoring habitat at the local level are doing critical work for conservation, but it may not always be with a bird lens. And partners who are researching migration of a species across the hemisphere may not connect with local partners who can help secure habitat that helps that species. One of our main goals is to connect flyway-wide conservation goals to local projects.